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Fluidization (

A term used to denote the process in which a fluid (liquid or gas) is used flowing from the
bottom up in a particular particulate material, making the properties of the solid extremely
similar to those of a fluid, facilitating the transport of material.

This process prevents the existence of a temperature gradient increase of very active points
or stagnant regions, also increases the contact between solid and fluid, favoring the transfer
of mass and heat, the ease of transporting materials with fluidization is what gives rise to one
of the most important technological transports, called Pneumatic Convey.

Pneumatic Conveying (small fluidized elements inside a pipe).

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List of Zeppelin products that use fluidization as a process component:

Pneumatic conveying

Fluidization cone for silos;
Circular trough diverter;
Dosing Valve;
Rotary feeder;

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